The required textbooks for each CCO course are listed with the course description. To purchase textbooks, go to the UNC Student Stores webpage for current book prices and to place your order.

You must be sure to purchase the textbooks from the 990-992 section of the course to ensure you obtain the correct materials.

You should purchase your textbooks after the dates shown below but before the end of the first month of the semester. If you purchase your books too early and there is a change in the required book list, we cannot guarantee repurchase of your texts. The bookstore returns unpurchased books to the publisher one month after the semester begins.

  • For spring semester courses, do not purchase books before December 1.
  • For summer courses, do not purchase books before April 15.
  • For fall semester courses, do not purchase books before July 15.

If you order textbooks from outside sources, you are responsible for purchasing the correct edition. You can purchase your books in person or online from UNC Student Stores.

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