Staff Directory

Director’s Office

rob bruce Robert Gray Bruce
valerie madill Valerie Madill
Executive Assistant and HR Facilitator
cecily nisbet Cecily Nisbet
Development Officer
virginia taylor Virginia Ross Taylor
Community and University Relations Coordinator

Credit Programs for Part-time Students

tim sanford Timothy R. Sanford
Director, Credit Programs for Part-time Students
judith benowitz Judith Benowitz
Program Development Specialist for Distance Learning

Academic Advising

Jennie Brooks, Advisor, 919-962-3449
Melissa Solomon, Advisor, 919-962-3449

Administrative Support

Sherry Sparks, Administrative Support Specialist, Payroll Coordinator, 919-962-5731

Student Services

Carol McDonnell, Manager for Self-paced Courses and Carolina Courses Online; Residency Classification Officer, 919-962-1105
Arlene Rainey, Manager for Part-time Classroom Studies and Off-Campus Credit Studies; Residency Classification Officer, 919-966-3587
Anne Bisese, Assistant for Self-paced Courses, 919-962-2645
Jody Cashion, Assistant for Carolina Courses Online, 919-962-5304
Janice Durham, Assistant for Self-paced Courses and Exam Scheduler, 919-962-2651
Hoyte Lee, Assistant for Part-time Classroom Studies, 919-962-2650
Kathy Morgan, Assistant for Self-paced Courses, 919-843-8683
Laura Respess, Program Assistant for CEU Activities and Correctional Education, 919-962-2649
Denys Hannon, Receptionist, 919-962-6299

Correctional Education

Raphael Ginsberg, Assistant Director of Correctional Education, 919-962-6141
Laura Respess, Program Assistant for CEU Activities and Correctional Education, 919-962-2649

Professional Development and Enrichment Programs

annette madden Annette Madden
Director, Professional Development and Enrichment Programs

Terri McGowan
, Program Coordinator
Jill Conrad, Program Facilitator

Conference Center

debra watkins Debra Watkins
Director, Conference Center

Conference and Event Services

gloria farrar Gloria Farrar
Assistant Director for Conference and Event Planning
gail young Gail Young
Conference and Event Specialist
austin seifts Austin Seifts
Conference and Event Specialist
allana outlaw Allana Outlaw
Conference and Event Specialist
kris brevard Kristopher Brevard
Conference and Event Specialist
angela lloyd Angela Lloyd


tara smith Tara Smith
Operations and Facility Manager

Jackie Curasi, Maintenance Technician
Moses Da, Housekeeping Services
Emma McIver, Housekeeping Services
Moses Sa, Housekeeping Services
Tony Smith, Security Services
Kevin Kaffenberger, Landscaping Services
Christopher Koltz, Landscaping Services

Technical Support

rj ellis RJ Ellis, Technology Manager
josh benjamin Joshua Benjamin, Media Technician
bart smith Bart Smith, Media Technician
brian thornburg Brian Thornburg, Media Technician

Business Office

David Elkins, Director of Business Operations
Angela Baker, Accounting Technician
Renee Eaves, Accounting Technician
Rondie Clemons, Part-time Accountant
Elena Cabrera, Cashier
John Rhodes, Office Assistant

Communication and Instructional Design

tyler ritter Tyler Ritter
Director, Communication and Instructional Design
jessa bliss Jessa Bliss
eLearning Manager
bill ferris Bill Ferris
Instructional Designer
meredith gulley Meredith Gulley
Marketing Manager
katie meersman Katie Meersman
Instructional Designer
stephen pusser Steve Pusser
Multimedia Designer
marla sullivan Marla Sullivan
Production Associate