Each semester, the Friday Center awards three academic scholarships, known as the Friday Adult Learner Scholarship. With an upcoming fall semester application deadline of July 1 we look back at a winner of last semester’s Friday Adult Learner Scholarship.

What has it been like for you to pursue your undergraduate degree on a part-time basis?

I work full-time at UNC Air Operations, scheduling flights and flying University personnel all over the East Coast. I’m also a single mother to a 13-year-old boy. It is sometimes challenging to find the time and energy to get my studies done well, but I’m really enjoying it and learn something useful from every class – I’ve been able to apply knowledge and skill from each class into my daily life and job. I feel like I am getting more from my studies now than what I would have straight out of high school. It is a wonderful opportunity and I truly appreciate it!

-Lotta, sophomore student

Scholarships available to part-time, degree-seeking student over 24.
Fall semester deadline for the Friday Adult Learner Scholarship application: July 1