Each semester, the Friday Center awards three academic scholarships, known as the Friday Adult Learner Scholarship. With a fall semester application due this Friday, July 1 we look back at a winner of last semester’s Friday Adult Learner Scholarship.

What has it been like for you to pursue your undergraduate degree on a part-time basis?

I have to keep my family well ahead of my personal education goals. My son was recently diagnosed with high functioning autism. We have homeschooled, and we’re currently transitioning to public school. His education will probably look a lot like mine – a long drive with some hills and detours along the way. I want to lead & teach my children by example. We don’t quit when things get hard. We may take breaks and vary our course a bit, and we may travel some lonely stretches. Our journey may be different from what we hoped or planned, but it is uniquely ours. It’s wonderful, and we are privileged.

Still, it can be a hard juggle. My husband travels frequently for his job. We have two biological children together (ages 5 and 7); I have a stepdaughter in a college, and a stepson who’ll be in college next year; and we’re currently foster parents to twin teenagers. Reality keeps me from hiding my head in books (as much as I would like to), and forces me to put everything I’m learning into context. Prioritizing and communicating with my instructors are critical. Overall, I’m finding the experience to be a bunch of fun – even if I am getting less sleep than I’d like! 

-Loretta, junior student

Scholarships available to part-time, degree-seeking student over 24.
Fall semester deadline for the Friday Adult Learner Scholarship application: July 1