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Course Spotlight: The Inkling Prophet of Oxford: C.S. Lewis as Academic, Apologist, and Artist

Thursdays, Oct. 27 & Nov. 3 | 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. | $10




The imaginative fictions and compelling apologist writings of Clive Staples Lewis have captivated generations of readers. What is it about this self-described “very ordinary layman of the Church of England” that has inspired such a following across age groups, continents, and decades? What sort of mind can invent a children’s paradise like Narnia one day, and move a group of skeptics to Christian belief the next?

This course will grapple with these and other questions including: Lewis’s conversion and politics, his role in the legendary Oxford Inklings, the distinct features of his fiction and aesthetic vision, and the implications of his legacy over the second half of the twentieth century. While this brief course can only start these conversations, students will leave knowing how to dig deeper into his work and social and historical context for answers.

Danielle Christmas is an Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature at UNC-Chapel Hill. While she primarily works on contemporary African-American and Jewish-American fiction and film, her own conversion story led her to the oeuvre and legacy of C.S. Lewis and has resulted in a lasting personal and professional interest.

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