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Course Spotlight: Shakespeare and War

Instructor: Christopher Armitage
Thursdays, March 16 & 30, April 6 & 20 | 10 am – noon
Fee: $20




Join us for an interactive and fascinating series that examines war through Shakespeare’s lens, led by distinguished UNC professor Christopher Armitage. The sessions will include a mixture of lecture and discussion and will aim at close readings in the texts, as revealing Shakespeare’s profound understanding of human nature and astounding ability to find the words to articulate that understanding.  Topics include:

  • Session One: Henry V: “Once more unto the breach” with that “band of brothers”
  • Session Two: Julius Caesar: Soothsayers prove more reliable than 21st-century pollsters
  • Session Three: Antony and Cleopatra: War games in bed, on land and at sea
  • Session Four: Troilus and Cressida: The Trojan War wreaks havoc with romance

Christopher Armitage, Professor of English will celebrate his 100th teaching semester at UNC this spring. During his fifty years of teaching, he has taught over 20 different courses. He became the first UNC Professor of Distinguished Teaching in 1995.  He was the pioneer in developing a study abroad summer program on ‘Shakespeare in Performance’ in England.  He has conducted the six-week Honors Summer Program in London and Oxford since 1975.  Born in Manchester, England, Armitage received two degrees from Oxford University and another from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. One of the most memorable moments of his career was when he was asked to play the part of founder William Richardson Davie for the University’s 200th Anniversary. At 83, he shows no signs of slowing down! His passion for literature and the spoken word and his dedication to take teaching seriously, not solemnly, make him a model instructor and inspiration to all!

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