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Medicare Made Clear

Throughout March and April, create, connect, and explore in the Friday Center’s Daytime Enrichment Courses. All courses are Thursday mornings at the Friday Center and range from $10-$20. Visit the Friday Center website for more information or to view the entire list of daytime courses.
Course Spotlight: Medicare Made Clear
Instructor: Daryl Coston
Thursday, April 27. 10 am – Noon
Fee: $10



Everyday 10,000 baby-boomers turn 65, and questions begin to surface regarding Medicare. Individuals suddenly find themselves in an avalanche of very confusing information. At this point they ask themselves, “What exactly is Medicare?” In the last several years, asking this question has become more relevant because of how the aging population and the Affordable Care Act are affecting the Medicare system.

To unravel the confusion this seminar will focus on Medicare’s history, its parts A, B, C and D, laws and regulations, and the effects of our aging population. Also addressed are the changes effecting Medicare as a result of Affordable Care Act.

Daryl Coston is a licensed independent insurance agent in North Carolina, and is currently working with Senior Life Services, a Florida-based company. Senior Life Services works with individuals between the ages of 50 to 85, providing information on various health needs and options. Daryl also sells Medicare products and services. He is a certified health coach, operated a vitamin business and was a sales representative for several nutritional companies for 12 years. For several years, he also taught seminars on Medicare at Duke University.


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Discover Senior Entrepreneurship

Engage in discussion with leading experts on aging as they share research from a demographic, business, health, and an entrepreneurial perspective.
Lecture Spotlight: Senior Entrepreneurship is not an Oxymoron: The 21st Century is the Age of Experience!
Thursday, April 27 | 7-8:30 pm | $10. Students free with an ID, please RSVP to Jill Conrad.

Seniors are not rocking chairs – they’re rocking the economy! Today’s 50+ year-olds who have been given the gift of an additional 20–30 years of longevity and good health are keen to add meaningful life to those years, to remain self-reliant, and to give back to their work, communities and their world. Their longevity is an unprecedented social and economic opportunity. There is no blueprint for what to do with an additional 20-30 years. Seniors around the globe are entrepreneuring their way into a new life, optimizing their life and work experience and creating businesses of their own—from micro- to multimillion-dollar ventures. Join us for this lively and engaging discussion!

About the Lecturer: Elizabeth Isele is Founder and CEO of The Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship, a comprehensive, cross-sector (business, government, education and research) ecosystem to support cross-generational experience and entrepreneurship. She also serves as Senior Fellow in Social Innovation at Babson College and Associate Fellow for the “Silver Economy” at Chatham House: The Royal Institute of International Research.

Have questions about this series? Email Jill Conrad or call her at 919-962-2643.

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Enjoy a Classic Film at the Friday Center

Throughout March and April, create, connect, and explore in the Friday Center’s Daytime Enrichment Courses. All courses are Thursday mornings at the Friday Center and range from $10-$20. Visit the Friday Center website for more information or to view the entire list of daytime courses.
Course Spotlight: Movies in the Morning: Novels to Film – The Third Man
Instructor: Kimball King
Thursday, April 6. 10 am – 12:30 pm
Fee: $10



Join us as the Friday Center hosts a morning movie screening of the 1949 film noir masterpiece, The Third Man, followed by a discussion led by noted film professor, Kimball King.

Directed by Carol Reed and based on the novella by Graham Greene of the same name, the film stars Joseph Cotten as Holly Martins, an out of work pulp fiction novelist, who arrives in a crumbling, post-war Vienna, where a shortage of supplies has led to a flourishing black market. Martins arrives at the invitation of his friend, Harry Lime, wonderfully portrayed by actor, Orson Welles, who had offered him a job. However, he learns that Lime recently died in a peculiar traffic accident. From talking to Lime’s friends and questionable associates, Martins discovers that the stories are inconsistent, and he is determined to find out what really happened to Harry.

The film won the 1949 Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, the British Academy Award for Best Film, and an Academy Award for Best Black and White Cinematography in 1950.  It was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Film Editing and the Academy Award for Best Director. It is widely considered one of the most influential film noirs of all time – as well as a showcase for great acting, impressive cinematography and a creative musical score.

The post-film discussion will examine Greene’s classic novel and the transition from fictional form to film.

Kimball King is professor emeritus of English and adjunct professor of dramatic art at UNC-Chapel Hill.  King co-lectured/taught/began one of the first film criticism courses in the US in 1965.  His books and articles have focused on American, British, and Irish dramatic art.  King has taught film noir topics in a series of classes for Oxford University and The Friday Center. 

See the full list of Spring Daytime Enrichment Courses

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