Word cloud

The William and Ida Friday Center tag cloud was created by the Friday Center staff. Staff members were asked to submit key words that describe the Friday Center. The words were then represented in a tag cloud, and the resulting image was signed by all staff members and presented to Bill Friday on his 92nd birthday.

For more than a century, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has responded to public need and served citizens through continuing education programs. From its 1913 beginning as the Bureau of Extension, to its 1978 transformation into the Division of Continuing Education, to its 1991 evolution to the William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education, the Center has offered accessible, educational courses, programs, events, and facilities to the University, the community, the citizens of North Carolina, and the world.

The twenty-first century brought rapid and exciting change to continuing education, as pedagogical advancements, shifting demographics, innovative technologies, fluctuating economies, and the demand for increased access to public institutions have altered the higher education landscape. In order to respond to these changes, the Center needs a collective, University-aligned strategic plan that establishes a Center vision and mission and defines major goals. This plan will guide program coordination and resource prioritization, and serve as a call to action for those who support equal opportunity and access to education.

It is our responsibility to extend the knowledge-based services and educational resources of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As was set forth in our 1913 charge, the Center offers its services gladly and will endeavor to respond promptly to all calls made upon it.

With this understanding, we offer the following strategic plan.

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