ANTH 142: Local Cultures, Global Forces

Currently Offered:
1st Summer Session 2019  (5½ weeks: May 15- June 20)
2nd Summer Session 2019 (5½ weeks: June 24–July 30)
Spring Semester 2019 (January 9 - May 7)

This is an introductory level course to a prominent subject in cultural anthropology—how local cultures respond to increasing global pressures. Using a wide array of examples from different cultures around the world, this course will encourage students to think critically about the current world order. Completing this course will help students understand key concepts anthropologists use to examine the tension between local and global interests, critique many standard assumptions about cultural diversity and modernity, and increase their awareness of hidden prejudices and the ways that inequalities operate on a global scale.

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Course Details

  • Instructor: Karaleah Reichart, PhD
  • Department: Anthropology
  • Credit Hours: 3
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