EDUC 301: Thriving in Transition

This course will challenge students to think critically about educational issues as they negotiate transitions in higher education. Through readings, videos, course activities, and research, students will explore questions such as:

·         What is the value of higher education?

·         What is the value of a liberal arts education?

·         What is the role of diversity in higher education?

·         What is intelligence and how does it develop?

·         What is the role of habit in learning and success?

·         What is happiness and what is the role of happiness in education?

·         What does development look like among college-aged students?

·         What is the role of motivation in college success?

This course will also introduce students to qualitative research in education. Students will conduct original research and present findings. Through weekly field-work experiences, students will collect and organize qualitative data. For the final project, students will analyze the data they have collected from interviews and observations as well as reflect on their experience and their educational trajectory. Students will report research findings in an autoethnography and in a class presentation.

This course fulfills EE (experiential education) and SS (social science), and general education requirements. You may use this course toward earning the Carolina Research Scholar designation on your transcript.


Required Texts/Materials

  • Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, (2006),
    ISBN 978-0345472328

  • Duhigg, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, 1st edition (2012),
    ISBN 978-0812981605

  • The Philosopher Kings, (2009), Transcendental Media; directed by Patrick Shen (documentary film)

  • Happy, (2012), Wadi Rum Films; directed by Roko Belic (documentary film)

Optional Texts/Materials

  • Dembo, Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success (any edition)

  • Patton, Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods (any edition)

Course Details

  • Instructor: Tim Conder, PhD
  • A sample syllabus is not yet available.

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