ENEC 309: Environmental Values and Valuation

Currently Offered:
1st Summer Session 2019  (5½ weeks: May 15- June 20)
Fall Semester 2019 (August 20–December 13)

This course will introduce methods for assigning value to aspects of the environment and to interhuman and human-environment interactions. The course draws on methods from philosophy, ecology, psychology, aesthetics, economics, religion, and more. We will cover the naturalists, Romantics, American transcendentalists, Thoreau, preservationists, conservationists, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, biodiversity, deep ecology, environmental racism, ecofeminism, social ecology, global justice, ecosystem services, endangered forests, and climate change. The course includes negotiations, games, debates, videos, and scored experiential learning exercises to achieve specific course objectives.

Course Details

  • Instructor: Andrew George
  • Credit Hours: 3
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