ENGL 345: American Literature, 1900-2000

Currently Offered:
Summer 2019 (11 weeks: May 15–July 30)

Modern and Contemporary American Satire

This course explores critical and theoretical approaches to modern and contemporary American literary satire by authors including Kurt Vonnegut, Paul Beatty, and Chuck Palahniuk.

Required Texts/Materials

  • Vonnegut, Kurt, Slaughterhouse-Five, ISBN 978-0385333849

  • Parker, Dorothy, The Portable Dorothy Parker, ISBN 978-0143039532

  • Beatty, Paul, The Sellout: A Novel, ISBN 978-1250083258

  • Palahniuk, Chuck, Fight Club: A Novel, ISBN 978-0393327342

Optional Texts/Materials

  • Test, George, Satire: Spirit and Art (1986), ISBN 978-0813010878

    Note: Excerpts of this text are provided via Course Reserves.

Required Films

  • Blazing Saddles, directed by Mel Brooks (1974; Warner Home Video, 2004), DVD. 93 min.
  • Destry Rides Again, directed by George Marshall (1939; MCA Universal Home Video, 2003), DVD. 94 min.
  • These films are available at the Media Resources Center at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Undergraduate Library. You can rent or purchase the film at an additional cost (approximately $2.99) through video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, iTunes, or Google Play.

You can find information on how to purchase textbooks and required materials on the Textbooks page of the Friday Center website.

Course Details

  • Instructor: Marc Cohen, PhD
  • Department: English and Comparative Literature
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Prerequisite(s): a second-semester college-level composition course or permission of instructor
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