HIST 128: American History since 1865

Currently Offered:
1st Summer Session 2019  (5½ weeks: May 15- June 20)
Spring Semester 2019 (January 9 - May 7)

This course explores United States history from the immediate aftermath of the Civil War to the present. In short, it tries to answer the question, “how did we get to where we are today?” It is impossible to cover every single event, major personality, or turning point over such a long time period. Instead, we will try to explore some of the major evolutions in the United States’ growth as a nation, and later as a global power, over the last 150 years. In particular, we will focus on the major figures, politicians, activists, and military leaders who molded America’s course, as well as how ordinary Americans experienced and shaped their country.

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Course Details

  • Instructor: Robert Colby
  • Department: History
  • Credit Hours: 3
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