MUSC 145: Introduction to Jazz

Currently Offered:
Fall Semester 2019 (August 20–December 13)

Jazz music has been and continues to be a significant and complicated force in both American and global culture. This course will study jazz in its various temporal, geographic, social, economic, and political contexts to examine the ways in which music and culture interact with and co-create each other. In addition to important factual knowledge about jazz history, this course will help you build critical listening skills and offer vocabulary and techniques to communicate about aural experience in depth both orally and in writing. If, as the old saying goes, “writing about music is like dancing about architecture,” this course assumes that, with sufficient training and practice, anyone can moonwalk the Eiffel Tower.

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Course Details

  • Instructor: Sarah Tomlinson
  • Department: Music
  • Credit Hours: 3
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