POLI 150: International Relations and World Politics

Currently Offered:
Summer 2019 (11 weeks: May 15–July 30)
Spring Semester 2019 (January 9 - May 7)

The objectives of this course are three-fold:

  • to introduce students to the central concepts of and analytical approaches to the study of international politics
  • to apply those ideas to historical and current international events
  • to provide students with a foundation of basic knowledge and skills that will enable them to analyze and digest information about international issues outside of the context of the class.

This class will teach students how to think about international politics theoretically, and in so doing improve their understanding of a seemingly random and accidental world. Upon completion of this course, student will have the tools to engage rather than simply accept international events.

You can find information on how to purchase textbooks and required materials on the Textbooks page of the Friday Center website.

Course Details

  • Instructor: Bailee Donahue
  • Department: Political Science
  • Credit Hours: 3
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