SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II

Self-paced Online

This course continues the introduction to the essential elements of Spanish structure, vocabulary, and aspects of Hispanic culture. SPAN 102 focuses on grammar, conversational expressions, vocabulary, and presents the past and perfect tenses and the subjunctive mood. Aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing are stressed.

Required Texts/Materials

  • This course uses an online textbook package: Zayas-Bazán, Bacon, and Nibert, ¡Arriba! Communicación y Cultura,6th edition, includes an interactive version of the text, an interactive student activities manual, and the audio and video programs. The course syllabus explains how to purchase the book and the access code. The same package is used for SPAN 101.

  • You must have a computer headset (microphone and earphones).

Optional Texts/Materials

  • Kendris and Kendris, 501 Spanish Verbs, any edition

  • HarperCollins Spanish-English Dictionary, any edition

  • Spinelli, English Grammar for Students of Spanish: A Study Guide for Those Learning Spanish, any edition

You may purchase the optional materials at UNC Student Stores.

You can find information on how to purchase textbooks and required materials on the Textbooks page of the Friday Center website.

Computer System Requirements

Other Requirements

  • The supervised final exam includes a listening section, so the exam site must have a CD player or a cassette tape player.

Course Details

  • Instructor: Anastacia Kohl, PhD
  • Credit-granting Institution: UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Number of Assignments: 8
  • Prerequisite(s): SPAN 101 or equivalent
  • View a sample course syllabus for the online course.
  • UNC-Chapel Hill perspectives/requirements fulfilled: The Office of Undergraduate Curricula has links to information about which perspectives this course fulfills.

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