STAT 251: Basic Statistics

Self-paced Online

This introductory statistics course includes collecting, presenting, and displaying data; statistical description, including measures of central tendency and variation; statistical inference, including estimating population values, testing hypotheses, regression, correlation, and analysis; design of experiments; and probability and probability distributions.

Required Texts/Materials

  • Bluman, Elementary Statistics: A Step By Step Approach, 8th edition. ISBN 9780077460396. If you buy a used version of the textbook, make sure that it contains the “Important Formulas” insert.

Optional Texts/Materials

  • Bluman, Student Solutions Manual for Elementary Statistics: A Step By Step Approach, 8th edition. ISBN 9780077438654

TEXTBOOKS can be ordered through various locations and online sites using the ISBN. 

Course Details

  • Instructor: Vinod Manglik, PhD,
  • Credit-granting Institution: Elizabeth City State University
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Number of Assignments: 12
  • View a sample course syllabus for the online course.

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