PSYC 101: General Psychology

This course is structured to provide you with an overview of the many areas of the rapidly changing science of psychology. No prerequisite is required, and no prior knowledge of psychology is assumed. This survey course will introduce you to many of the underlying principles and approaches believed to guide human behavior, including biological factors, learning, memory, social cognition, intelligence, emotion, and personality. After completing this course you will be able to define both the science and the practice of psychology identify the various subfields and specialties within psychology understand the importance of the scientific method to the study of psychology explain the conditions that allow experimental research to infer cause and effect relationships compare different theoretical and methodological approaches to behavior master countless terms, names, concepts, scientific experiments, and theories vital to the understanding of psychology as a science apply psychological principles and findings to solve real problems critically evaluate sources of information found on the World Wide Web.



Course Type



1st Summer 2020


Ndidi Adeyanju



Credit Hours