Academic Advising

Academic advisors are available to help you plan how to continue your education at Carolina. You can contact an advisor with questions or to schedule an appointment to meet in person at the Friday Center. Advisors can answer academic questions, provide information on administrative policies and procedures, and advise you on various options that might be available. Your advisor may refer you to specific resource people at UNC-Chapel Hill for more detailed information about your particular field of interest.

Advising Office Hours

Mondays: 8 am–5 pm (closed 1–2 pm)
Tuesdays: 8 am–5 pm (closed 1–2 pm)
Wednesdays: 8 am–5 pm (closed 1–2 pm)
Thursdays: 9 am–5 pm (closed 1–2 pm)
Fridays: 8 am–5 pm (closed 1–2 pm)

Here are some of the situations where advisors can be of assistance:

Getting Started with an Undergraduate Degree

If you never went to college but are now thinking about trying to earn a degree, advisors can get you started with a few college courses that will help you “test the waters.” They can also help you determine which course formats—online, correspondence, or classroom—will best suit your needs.

Finishing an Undergraduate Degree

If you left Carolina or another university without finishing your degree, even if it was many years ago, advisors can help you determine where to start in completing your degree. If you are unable to attend school full time, they can also help you with the admission process for enrolling as a part-time student. If you are lacking credits to finish a degree at another university, advisors can help you determine if you can fulfill those requirements at Carolina and transfer those credits to your university.

Restoring Academic Eligibility

If you attended UNC-Chapel Hill at any time in the past and became academically ineligible, advisors can assist you in the process for enrolling in classes to raise your grade point average and apply for readmission.

Prerequisites for Graduate and Medical Degrees

If you have an undergraduate degree and are considering applying to medical, dental, or nursing school, see About Pre-Health Advising for prerequisite courses. Advisors at the Friday Center can help you determine which prerequisites are needed for various programs and then help you map out a plan to fulfill them.

Changing Careers

If you have retired and are considering work in a new career area, or if you are a working professional who is ready for a career change, advisors can help you choose the right courses for your situation. If you’re thinking of becoming certified to teach in North Carolina, advisors can also guide you through that process.

Refresher Courses

If you need to work on skills in certain subject areas before pursuing an area of study, advisors can help you find the right courses. In particular, students needing to bring math or writing skills up to college level can benefit from speaking with an advisor.

Taking Courses for Enjoyment or in Retirement

Advisors can help you through the process of enrolling as a part-time student or answer questions about auditing courses on campus.

Contact an Advisor