Drop, Cancel, Withdraw

How to Drop or Cancel

Cancellation is dropping all of your courses on your UNC-Chapel Hill schedule for the term (fall, spring, or summer) before classes begin. It is, in effect, the same as not having registered at all. No entry is made on your permanent record, and 100 percent of your prepaid tuition and fees is refunded.

Dropping a course assumes that you have other courses on your UNC-Chapel Hill schedule for the current term (semester or summer session). You may drop a course with credit to your financial account up to two weeks into the semester or three days into the summer session. You will receive a full refund if the published deadlines are met (see Calendars for exact deadlines). No refund will be given after the published deadlines. Full-time undergraduate students should refer to the policy on dropping classes on the UNC Academic Advising site.

How to Withdraw

First, carefully read the withdrawal policy so that you can make an informed decision to withdraw from the University.

Once you have decided to withdraw from the University, follow the Registrar’s Withdraw Process instructions. Basically, you will go to your Student Center in ConnectCarolina, log in using your Onyen, and submit a Student Withdrawal E-form.

Withdrawal is dropping your only course or all of the courses on your UNC-Chapel Hill schedule for the term (fall, spring, or summer) once classes have begun. You may be eligible for a prorated refund, depending on the date of withdrawal; you must complete the e-withdrawal form before the deadline to receive any prorated refund for the semester. For the fall and spring semesters, the prorated refund is over a period of nine weeks at a rate of one-tenth of the term’s bill, after a nonrefundable administrative charge of $25 is deducted. Summer term refunds will be based on the dates in the summer calendar. Transfers to other courses or other students are not permitted.

Notifying your instructor, the University Registrar’s Office, or the Student Accounts Office does not drop you or withdraw you. You need to follow the procedures outlined above. If you have questions about the e-form, withdrawing, or dropping a course, please contact the Credit Programs office at 919-962-1134. We’ll be glad to help.