Financial Aid

For Degree-seeking UNC-Chapel Hill Students

If you are a UNC-Chapel Hill degree-seeking student who is enrolled for at least six credit hours, financial aid may be available to you. Contact the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid (telephone 919-962-8396) if you feel that you may be eligible. If you already have financial aid or a scholarship, contact the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid to find out if your aid will cover your enrollment in Carolina Courses Online.

There are some limited funds that can be used to cover the cost of an online course if you are a part-time, degree-seeking student who has applied for financial aid at Carolina. For more information, call a Friday Center advisor at 919-962-3449 or email

Through Your Employer

Some employers provide financial assistance to their employees who complete college-level work. Check with your employer for details.

For Students Enrolled at Other Schools

If you are enrolled at another school, your financial aid office will not pay UNC-Chapel Hill directly. If your scholarship or financial aid will cover your Carolina Courses Online enrollment, you need to obtain your funding and pay UNC-Chapel Hill Student Account Services when you receive your bill.

VA Benefits

If you are a veteran (or eligible beneficiary) or active duty military personnel who has completed 90 days or more of active duty service (30 days if discharged for disability), you may be eligible for VA benefits. To be eligible at UNC-Chapel Hill Friday Center, you must already be admitted and enrolled in a degree program at an institution of higher education. Enrolling in Carolina Courses Online does not constitute admission to a degree program. For information and VA forms, call a Friday Center advisor at 919-962-3449 or email