GEOL 101: Planet Earth

Currently Offered:
Fall Semester 2019 (August 20–December 13)
Summer 2019 (11 weeks: May 15–July 30)

This course is an introduction to minerals and rocks. It covers major geologic events such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain formation, plate tectonics, and continental drifts. It also looks at landscape development by glaciers, streams and groundwater, ocean currents and waves, and wind.

You can find information on how to purchase textbooks and required materials on the Textbooks page of the Friday Center website.

Course Details

  • Instructor: Michelle Haskin, MSc
  • Department: Geological Sciences
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • View a sample course syllabus for the online course.
  • Requisite: This course is not open to students with credit in or currently enrolled in GEOL 105, 109, or 111.

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