Student Orientation: Taking an Online Course

Using Sakai—continued

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Email in Sakai (CCO only)


Sakai has its own email feature that allows you to send emails within Sakai. It automatically saves copies of all the mesages you send and receive in Sakai, and you can also set it up so that emails you send and receive are also copied to your UNC inbox.


When you log in to your course, you will see a link called “Email” in the left-hand navigation bar. When you need to send an email, select “Compose Message,” choose your recipient(s), click the CC box to send a copy of the message to recipients’ email addresses (otherwise the message will be internal to the Sakai site), put the course name in the subject line, and compose your message. Then send it. By using Sakai’s email, a copy of any messages you send will be automatically saved in the Sakai site.

All email messages regarding the course go to your UNC Onyen or HeelMail address. Off-campus users can access their UNC email inbox using HeelMail. You can have your UNC email forwarded to a different email address by following the instructions in HeelMail.

  • Add your instructor to your email address book to make sure that all of the emails you receive from him/her are delivered to your inbox.

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