Student Orientation: Taking an Online Course

Using Sakai—Continued

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Getting help

Taking an online course means that you’ll be working independently most of the time, but you should never feel as if you’re alone. If you need help, ask for it. If you’re taking a CCO course, you can post your questions to the forum (be sure to make the subject line a question). For CCO and SPC courses, send an email to the instructor. If you have questions, you can be almost sure others have them, too. Remember to include your full name and the course in email messages, and use a descriptive subject line. A subject line like “COMM 142: question on Lesson 4 – Joe Smith” will get the attention it needs.

You are taking a course because you don’t know everything, so having questions is a very good sign.

Helping yourself

Part of being a distance student is taking initiative, being resourceful, being persistent, and being assertive. This is especially true when you have a problem. We can’t predict exactly who you will need to contact for help, but here is a starter list:

A Final Word

You’ve now reached the end of this orientation. We hope that you’ve learned more about our online courses and are ready to begin your course! Please remember to refer back to this orientation at any point in your course if you have questions about using Sakai.

If you have suggestions or feedback for this orientation, we would like to hear from you. Send an email to and reference “Online Student Orientation” in your message.

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