Student Orientation: Taking an Online Course

Using Sakai—continued

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Schedule (CCO only)


The course schedule is your resource for keeping track of lessons, assignments, and due dates throughout the semester. You can access it by clicking the “Schedule” link in Sakai’s left navigation bar. A typical schedule is pictured below.

Sample Schedule

Since CCO courses follow the semester schedule, you will turn in work throughout the semester at a pace set by the instructor. (This is one of the main differences between a CCO course and an SPC course.)

The assignments due for each lesson are listed on the schedule. Instructors often organize the schedule so that assignments are due at the same day and time each week, but there are exceptions (particulaly around holidays) so it is important to check the schedule carefully and frequently.

  • Check the schedule regularly.
  • Mark the due dates for all major assignments on your personal calendar.
  • Establish a weekly, and even daily, routine for reading, participating in class discussion, and completing assignments, keeping in mind that an online course requires just as much work as any classroom-based course at UNC—at least nine hours per week for a three-credit hour course.

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