Student Orientation: Taking an Online Course

Using Sakai—continued

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The course syllabus is the first page you will see once you access your course. You will also notice a navigation bar on the left with links to everything you’ll need to complete your course. CCO and SPC courses have slightly different syllabus designs, but the interface looks the same. An example of a CCO course syllabus appears below.

CCO syllabus


Just like in a classroom-based course, the syllabus serves as your roadmap to success. It includes important information that you will need to review throughout the semester.


The content of a syllabus varies by course, but in general, you can expect to see the information below on any syllabus:

  • Couse overview and objectives
  • Required textbook(s) and other materials
  • Grading and course policies
  • Course requirements/assignments
  • Academic policies/Honor Code
  • Contact information
  • Course outline (SPC courses only): a list of all lesson topics
  • Read the syllabus completely before beginning the course; if you have any questions or concerns about it, share them with your instructor as soon as possible
  • Refer back to the syllabus throughout the duration of the course to review instructions and other useful information for completing assignments.
  • For SPC Courses: Use the course outline to help you set goals and deadlines for completing your work. (Refer back to the Create Study Space section for more on this topic.)

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