An appeal is a request for an exception to an academic policy that is currently in place, that was previously in place, or that is scheduled to take effect in the future. Appeals should be based on factors that were beyond your control. Complete the Appeal Form and include supporting documentation. Preferably, your appeal should be typewritten, brief, and concise. Appeals are reviewed by a committee of faculty and administrators at regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year. If you wish to file an appeal, review the Guidelines for Appeal prior to submitting your request. You may also wish to discuss your circumstances with one of our academic advisors or staff members first.

Be sure to include the following in your appeal form:

  • your full registered name, PID number, current address, e-mail address, and a daytime telephone number
  • your request, clearly stated and including all pertinent information such as the course name, course number, total number of credit hours (when asking for academic overloads), semester, instructor(s), or any relevant dates
  • a summary of your reasons for making the request including the factors that were beyond your control
  • any relevant documentation that verifies or supports your request. It is important that you provide all critical documentation in a timely manner
  • be sure to state what action you are requesting from the Appeals Committee.

Please call Credit Programs for Part-time Students (919-962-1134 or 800-862-5669) for the date and time of the next appeals meeting. Your appeal form must be received by the Friday prior to the appeal hearing.

Send your appeal form to:

Credit Programs for Part-Time Students
The Friday Center, UNC-Chapel Hill
CB 1020
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1020

Written notification will be sent to all applicants after the meeting. Students can also contact the office by calling 919-962-1134 or 800-862-5669 the next day for a verbal decision.

The decision of the committee is final.