You are not permitted to audit classes scheduled by Part-time Classroom Studies.

Auditing classes scheduled by other schools and departments may be permitted if the course lends itself to this practice and if there is space available in the class. No records are kept and no grades are issued for auditing students. An audited class cannot later be changed to a credit earning class.

To audit a class, you must secure written permission from the instructor and the chair of the department. If you are registered for at least one non-audit course, take the permissions to the University Registrar’s Office and begin attending class (there is no audit fee). If you are not registered for at least one non-audit course, take the written permissions and a fee of $20 per audit course to the Student Accounts Office in the Student Academic Services Building (SASB). You will be given a receipt to return to your instructor. No admission application to Part-time Classroom Studies is necessary.

No credit is given for audited classes. The policy on auditing can be found at Registration Policies on the Registrar website.