As a Part-time Classroom Studies student, you can choose from a selection of UNC-Chapel Hill evening classes or daytime classes.

Selecting Your Courses

All registration is subject to availability of classes and space in the classes. Some courses have restrictions or require permission of the instructor to enroll. If you need to register for a restricted course, check with the department that offers the course to determine if the restriction will be lifted at any point or whether other arrangements can be made.

If you are a postbaccalaureate student who is not enrolled in a graduate degree program, you should secure permission from the instructor before registering for graduate-level courses or restricted undergraduate courses. A $20 late registration fee will be charged if your initial registration is done on the first day of classes or later.

Your semester registration may total eight or fewer credit hours. Pass/fail is not available in Part-time Classroom Studies courses.

For registration dates, see Registration. For more about the process, see the Student Orientation.

Daytime Courses

In addition to the evening courses listed below, you can register for daytime courses on campus as a Part-time Classroom Studies student. You can view course descriptions and class numbers by clicking on “class search” at When you are ready to register, you will need your Onyen and the Class Number for the course. Log in to ConnectCarolina and choose your courses. Registration is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some courses may have space limitations or departmental restrictions. For course descriptions, see the online Graduate Record and Undergraduate Bulletin.

Part-time Classroom Studies students also may take online courses through Carolina Courses Online (CCO) or Self-paced Courses (SPC). However, undergraduate students planning to earn a degree at UNC in the College of Arts & Sciences should know that only eight CCO and/or SPC courses, or 24 credit hours, may be used towards your degree. Additionally, only two CCO/SPC courses may be taken in your major/minor field of study. Note that if you are planning to take an SPC course, you will need written approval by an advisor/dean in the College of Arts and Sciences before registering.

Evening Courses for Spring 2018

Evening courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters (not in the summer sessions).

Note: Any of these courses may be canceled if necessary.

AAAD 254
Blacks in the West

This course is an overview of the black experience in North Carolina with a special emphasis on Chapel Hill and Wilmington. Satisfies U.S. diversity requirement.

SECTION: 951, Tu 6-8:30 PM

CHEM 102
General Descriptive Chemistry II

Prerequisites, CHEM 101 and 101L. C- or better required in CHEM 101. The course is the second in a two-semester sequence. See also CHEM 101. Gases, intermolecular forces, solutions, reaction rates, chemical equilibria including acid-base chemistry, thermochemistry, electrochemistry. Satisfies Physical and Life Science with Lab

SECTION: 951, Mon and Wed, 6-7:10 PM

ENGL 105
English Composition and Rhetoric

This college level course focuses on written and oral argumentation, composition, research, information literacy, and rhetorical analysis. The course introduces students to the specific disciplinary contexts for written work and oral presentations required in college courses. English composition and rhetoric requirement.

SECTION: 951, Wed 6-8:30 PM

HIST 128
American History since 1865

A survey of various aspects of American development during a century of rapid industrial, social, political, and international change, with stress upon major themes and interpretations. Satisfies historical analysis, beyond the N. Atlantic, global issues requirements

SECTION: 951, Tu and Th 6-7:15 PM

MATH 118
Aspects of Modern Mathematics

Introduction to mathematical topics of current interest in society and science, such as the mathematics of choice, growth, finance, and shape. The course is intended for the nonscience major. Satisfies Quantitative Reasoning.

SECTION: 951, Mo and Wed 6-7:15 PM

RELI 104
Introduction to the New Testament

This course studies the New Testament from both a literary and a historical perspective, focusing on its origins in the land of Israel and moving into the eastern Mediterranean.  In it students learn to wrestle with the nature of historical evidence, develop their skills for making argumentation, and learn how to analyze the philosophical and ethical claims of the ancient Christian texts, and participate in class debates on contemporary ethical issue. Satisfies philosophical and moral reasoning  and Beyond the North Atlantic requirement

SECTION: 951, Mon and Wed 7:30- 8:45PM

SPAN 101
Elementary Spanish I

Introduces the essential elements of Spanish structure and vocabulary and aspects of Spanish culture. Aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing are stressed in that order. Satisfies foreign language requirement.

SECTION: 951, Mon and Wed 6-7:15 PM

SECTION: 952, Mon and Wed 7:30-8:45 PM

SPAN 102
Elementary Spanish II

The second of a series (SPAN 101 [1], 102 [2] and 203 [3]). This sequence introduces the essential elements of Spanish culture. Aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing are stressed in that order. Prerequisite:  SPAN 101. Satisfies foreign language requirement.

SECTION: 951, Tu and Th 7:30-8:45 PM

SPAN 203
Intermediate Spanish I

Prerequisite, SPAN 101 and SPAN 102. Designed to increase reading and writing skills. An introduction to representative literary works and study of the finer points of Spanish structure are included. Aural comprehension and speaking skills are also stressed. Satisfies foreign language requirement.

SECTION: 951, Tu and Th, 6-7:15 PM