Financial Aid & Scholarships

Friday Adult Learner Scholarships

Each fall and spring semester, the Friday Center awards three $750 Friday Adult Learner Scholarships to students admitted to Part-time Classroom Studies. Students eligible to apply for this scholarship should be part-time, degree-seeking undergraduates who are twenty-four years of age or older. The scholarship can be used for college expenses for one semester. Past recipients are eligible to apply for subsequent semesters. See Friday Adult Learner Scholarship for details and how to apply.

Other Financial Aid

If you are a degree-seeking student, other financial aid may be available to you if you have a documented need and are enrolled in at least six credit hours. You also might qualify if you’re a student taking classes that are required for entry into a graduate or professional program

You can apply for financial aid prior to hearing if you have been accepted as a Part-time Classroom Studies student. Contact the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid, CB# 2300 Vance Hall, Chapel Hill NC 27599-2300 (telephone 919-962-8396).

Some employers provide financial assistance to their employees who complete college-level work. Veterans and those eligible for VA educational benefits, visit Veterans Affairs GI Bill Educational Benefits, or call 919-962-8292 for information.

If you are a student in Part-time Classroom Studies and are receiving federal student financial aid, know that the Student Aid Office is required by federal regulations to verify that you are making satisfactory progress toward your degree. This is interpreted to mean that you need to complete at least 67 percent of the hours you attempt with a passing grade.