How to Register for Courses as a Part-time Classroom Studies Student

Spring 2019

Once you have applied (see Admission) and have been admitted to Part-time Classroom Studies, you can register for a maximum course load of eight credit hours per semester or summer session. Registration is available only via ConnectCarolina. During the official registration periods, online registration is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For daytime courses

You can view course descriptions and class numbers by clicking on “class search” at When you are ready to register, you will need your Onyen and the Class Number for the course. Log in to ConnectCarolina and choose your courses. Registration is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For evening courses

Evening courses are available in fall and spring semesters, not in summer sessions.

  • You can view course descriptions and class numbers by clicking on “class search” at Click “Additional Search Criteria.”
  • Scroll down to the dropdown boxes:
    • under Session, select “Session F”
    • under Mode of Instruction, select “Face to Face Instruction.”
  • Then click “Search.”  You will be presented with a list of courses in this category. Evening courses offered through Part-time Classroom Studies are designated as Section 951. To view a course description, click on the “Section” link. When you find a course you want to register for, make a note of the Class Number listed in the course description; you will need that number to register.

When you are ready to register, you will need your Onyen and the Class Number for the course. Log in to ConnectCarolina and choose your courses.


If you register during the billing period, Student Accounts will bill you via e-mail. If you register after the billing period, you may be required to pay Student Accounts first. For more information about the billing process, see Tuition.



Your PID (Personal IDentification) is used to access various systems and services on campus. Your PID can be found at ConnectCarolina or on your UNC One Card (nine digits starting with a 7).


Your Onyen (Only name you’ll ever need) is the identifier you use to access various electronic resources on campus. To obtain an Onyen, go to the Onyen website. You must create an Onyen (UNC email account) in order to log in to ConnectCarolina. You cannot use a personal email account to log in.


As an enrolled UNC-Chapel Hill student, you are required to have a UNC One Card. The purpose of the card is for identification and use of the libraries. It contains your nine-digit Person ID number or PID. In 1998, the PID replaced the Social Security number as a means of identification.

Your UNC One Card will be deactivated if you withdraw, cancel, or fail to enroll for a particular semester. Upon re-entry to UNC-Chapel Hill, your card will be reinstated for identification purposes and library use for that semester.

If you have purchased a recreation membership, your UNC One Card can be used to access the gym and pool.

UNC One Card Office
Room 210 Daniels Building
Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-5:30 pm
Hours are subject to change. 


New Part-time Classroom Studies Students

If you are a Part-time Classroom Studies student who has registered for classes at UNC, you can obtain your UNC One Card during the first week of the semester. You must take a copy of your course schedule and a photo ID (valid driver’s license, state ID card, military ID, or passport) with you to the UNC One Card office. There will be a $15 card fee for all Part-time Classroom Studies students. You will receive your One Card immediately after your photo is taken.


If your new PID number does not appear on your current UNC One Card, you will need to get a new card made. You will be charged the $15 fee at that time.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, notify the UNC One Card office or the UNC police department immediately. You will be responsible for all activity generated by your card until it is reported missing. To get a replacement card, you will be charged $10.


State law requires that any student taking four or more hours of classes on campus between 8 am and 5 pm must meet the immunization requirements listed at Campus Health Services. Students taking courses at a distance or off campus are exempt.

For more information, visit Campus Health Services or call 919-966-2281.


It is not necessary to take a class in the summer to continue from spring to fall semester. If you do not register for a spring or fall semester, you must be readmitted. You are not considered an active student for these purposes if you are only enrolled in courses through Self-paced Courses or Carolina Courses Online and classified as a Visiting Student.