Resident Status for Tuition Purposes: Information for Post-Baccalaureate Admission Applicants

Undergraduate applicants: go here for NC residency instructions

You must have been domiciled in North Carolina for a minimum of twelve consecutive months before the first day of classes in order to be eligible for consideration as a resident for tuition purposes. To prove that you are domiciled in North Carolina, you must show that you are physically present in the state with the demonstrated intent to make North Carolina your permanent home of indefinite duration. This in no way implies automatic classification as a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes. You will be classified as a nonresident for tuition purposes until you submit an application for determination of your residency and are subsequently classified as a resident for the term in question.

If you are claiming North Carolina residency, you must complete the residency application. If you are not a US citizen, you must also complete the supplemental form in addition to the residency form. Once you are classified as a resident for tuition purposes, you do not have to re-apply for in-state tuition status every semester. If you have a break in enrollment requiring re-application for admissions before you may return to the University, then you must resubmit a residency application for in-state tuition.  Prior residency classifications do not carry forward unless you maintain continuous enrollment with a continued and uninterrupted domicile.

Processing your residency form typically takes a few days; decisions will take longer than a few days near our application deadlines when the volume of applications is greater. If you are classified as a nonresident and you wish to appeal that decision, it will take at least six weeks for an appeal hearing to be scheduled.

If you register for a course prior to a final determination of your residency application or appeal, you will be required to pay the nonresident tuition rate. If the final decision classifies you as a nonresident and you decide to withdraw from school, keep in mind that you will receive a prorated financial credit at the nonresident rate if withdrawal is done prior to the prorated refund deadline.

Please refer to the Registrar’s Residency website each term for important residency filing dates.