Resources for Students

The following programs, organizations, and resources are available to you as a Part-time Classroom Studies student.

Bookstore (Student Stores)

You can purchase required and recommended textbooks from the Student Stores Textbook Department, located in Daniels Building. Hours while school is in session are:

Monday-Friday: 7:30 am-8 pm
Saturday: 10 am-6 pm
Sunday: 1 pm-6 pm
(extended hours during buy-back and rush periods)

Refund policy: For all 100 percent refunds, a book must be in the same condition as when bought, and you must have the original receipt and a UNC One Card. You also must meet the requirements for one of the following types of refunds:

  1. Early Refund: You must have purchased the book during the period beginning two weeks before and ending two weeks after the start of classes, and you must return the book within that period.
  2. Drop Refund: You must have a drop slip, and you must return the book no more than two days after the last drop day.
  3. 48-Hour Refund: You must have purchased the book at least four weeks before exams begin, and you must return the book within 48 hours of the time you bought it.

Deadline dates for refunds are posted in the Student Stores Textbook Department. Books bought during the last four weeks of class are nonrefundable. Coursepacks are not returnable. Please allow ten business days for checks to clear. Management may grant exceptions, so please ask if you feel an exception should be made.

Please call 919-962-5024 for more detailed information or refer to the Student Stores website.

Accessibility Resources & Services

The priority of Accessibility Resources is to identify and eliminate barriers through consultation with faculty, staff, and students to support the University’s commitment to an accessible environment, and through the provision of reasonable accommodations that address individual needs while maintaining the integrity of programs and services in the University.

Services that address barriers limiting a student’s ability to independently meet the numerous demands of university life are available to all students (undergraduate, graduate or professional, full-time, and part-time). To effectively address individual needs, documentation describing current functional abilities is required. The Department is also prepared to assist individuals who have temporary injuries. Academic services include:

  • printed materials (textbooks, coursepacks, library resources) through Braille, large print, and electronic text (multiple formats)
  • communication assistance through sign language interpreters, cued speech transliterators, assistive listening devices (ALD), and digital/ video recordings
  • examination assistance (extended time, alternative input such as computers)
  • software for laptop accessibility through screen readers, voiceactivated speech recognition, and screen enlargers
  • class notes
  • physical access to classrooms.

Accessibility Resources works closely with programs, offices, and departments throughout the University (including Housing and Residential Education, Parking and Transportation, Facilities Services, Athletics, and Academic Affairs) to help create an accessible environment.

The office is located in Suite 2126 of the Student Academic Services Building (SASB), 450 Ridge Road, and is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Contact them by phone at 919-962-8300 (V) or 711 (NC-RELAY) or by email at For more information, visit Accessibility Resources & Service.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) is the central organization providing all members of the Carolina community with computing services for academic and administrative endeavors. Some of the services provided are

  • free technical support offered through the ITS Response Center (ITRC). For assistance with technical problems, go to or call 919-962-HELP (962-4357).
  • student computing labs located in libraries and academic buildings with a standard selection of software. More information about the labs is available at the website or 919-962-8350.

Visit to learn more about IT at Carolina.


The health insurance offered to full-time students who do not have other health insurance is not available to Part-time Classroom Studies students.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center provides resources to improve reading, studying, and problem-solving abilities that everyone needs to achieve success in University-level course work. Visit for handouts and videos in areas such as time management, study strategies, and learning strategies (including reading for comprehension and speed, note-taking, and test-taking skills). The Center offers services for students with documented learning disabilities and/or attention-deficit disorders.

The Learning Center sponsors free, walk-in Peer Tutoring sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings during the fall and spring semesters to assist you in more than forty subject areas.

The Learning Center offers review groups to help you prepare to take standardized graduate and professional school entrance exams (GMAT, LSAT, GRE, MCAT). Current information regarding all of these services is available from The Learning Center’s services are available to all UNC-Chapel Hill students at no charge, although a fee is charged for participation in the standardized test preparation courses. The office is located in the Student Academic Services Building (SASB) North 0118 and 2109. You can also contact the office by phone at 919-962-3782. For more information, visit The Learning Center.


As a Part-time Classroom Studies student, you can visit to access information and library resources, including the library catalog, e-reserves, online databases, online journals, online books, and research assistance.

Your Onyen and password will give you access to many of these resources. Oncampus libraries include Davis Library (the main campus library), House Undergraduate Library, Wilson Library (Special Collections), the Law Library, Health Sciences Library, and several subject branch libraries. All libraries in the campus system are open to all users.

Your UNC One Card serves as your library card. See for library hours.

Math Help Center

The Math Help Center, located at Phillips Hall, is a free walk-in tutoring service available to all students in MATH 110 through MATH 233. Although help is not guaranteed for higher courses, it may be available. You can drop in and receive tutoring any time the Center is open. The Center’s hours are Monday-Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm, and Friday, 10 am to 3 pm. To learn more, visit

Recreation Membership

You can purchase a recreation membership for the academic year at the UNC One Card office for $150. A full-year membership may only be purchased if you remain enrolled in Part-time Classroom Studies. If you prefer, you can purchase a membership for either the spring or fall semester; the fee is $75 per semester. During the summer, you are automatically charged fees that allow use of the gym and pool.

If you withdraw (summer/fall/spring), your membership is deactivated. In order for your membership to remain active, you must remain enrolled and be in good standing.

The membership does not allow access to other athletic facilities or events, such as basketball or football games. Call Campus Recreation in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science, 919-962-3301, for more information.

Study Abroad

All Part-time Classroom Studies students are encouraged to consider the many Study Abroad opportunities offered by the University. If interested, you should first visit the Study Abroad website and then talk to one of the academic advisors at the Friday Center.

You are encouraged to make a subsequent appointment with a study abroad advisor at the Porthole Building to discuss the particulars of any programs that you are interested in. The following considerations should be kept in mind when you research study abroad options through UNC:

  • If you’re a nondegree student, you may not be as competitive for popular programs.
  • Deadlines are important—start planning at least one year in advance.
  • Budget sheets are provided on each program brochure on the Study Abroad website, and you are encouraged to look at these when considering choices. Costs can vary significantly, and financial aid may not be readily available, especially for nondegree students.
  • Study abroad requires a full-time commitment for the period of study.

University Career Services

University Career Services helps UNC-Chapel Hill students plan for their careers, learn job-search skills, and search for employment. Parttime Classroom Studies students may access career panels and job-seeking workshops.

If you matriculate to degree-seeking student status, you may access a variety of additional services including on-campus recruiting, job and education fairs, career counseling and advising, and online resources.

University Career Services is located in 219 Hanes Hall. Office hours are 8 am–5 pm Monday–Friday. For further information, visit, call 919-962-6507, or e-mail

UNC Police

You can reach the UNC Police at 911 in an emergency or at 919-962-8100 for routine calls. Emergency call boxes (9-foot-tall black call boxes with a blue light on top) are located around the campus for use in situations that require police, fire, or medical help. To activate the call box, push the red button for direct access to the police department telecommunication center. When activated, the blue strobe light on top flashes for better visibility. Maps of call box locations are available online.

UNC also provides emergency communications through its Alert Carolina communication system, one component of which is text messaging—the ability to send text messages to students, faculty, and staff who have registered their cell phones through the Alert Carolina website. Another facet of this initiative is the installation of a siren/public address system, which will sound during an immediate life-threatening situation, such as an armed and dangerous person in the area, a major chemical spill or hazard, or a tornado.

During the day, Chapel Hill Transit offers fare-free service throughout the community. You should avoid walking alone on campus at night. After dark, you can access the Point-to-Point Express route, which runs loops around the main campus from 7 pm–3 am seven days a week during academic semesters (except on holidays when residence halls are closed), or call P2P for on-demand service during other after-dark hours. If you decide to walk, walk in groups on well-lit, well-traveled paths. All cars parked on campus should be locked and any valuables stored in the trunk if possible. Report any suspicious activity to the University Police immediately.

SafeWalk provides a male-female pair of DPS-trained student walkers to accompany students 11 pm–3 am, Sunday–Thursday. Students may request a walk by calling 919-962-SAFE (7233) or submitting a ticket online at SafeWalk serves all on-campus locations, Granville Towers, and all Greek houses. Coverage also extends to off-campus locations—visit SafeWalk’s website for details.

RaveGuardian is a free service that allows students to activate a virtual escort with their cell phones when crossing campus after dark. Register for the service online and access other safety features on the RaveGuardian website.

Smart911 is a free opt-in system through which UNC community members can register their phones and create personalized profiles by adding a photo, local address, relevant medical conditions, and other information. Your profile is only visible when you call 9-1-1. For more information, visit the Smart911 website.

If you have car trouble on campus, you can call for the service of the Parking Control Division’s Motorist Assistance Program at 919-962-8006 or 919-962-3951.

For information on crime prevention, to take advantage of self-defense classes for women, or to arrange for a crime prevention presentation, call the Crime Prevention office at 919-966-3230.

Also, if you have concerns about pedestrian safety at UNC, please relate them to the Department of Public Safety. To notify the Department of Public Safety of problem areas or potential problem areas, please fill out the Pedestrian Safety Form or call the Pedestrian Hotline at 919-843-PEDS (7337).

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free, noncredit resource for members of the University community who want to improve their writing skills. The Center offers more than sixty handouts created specifically for UNC students. Topics include thesis statements, argument, understanding assignments, writing anxiety, editing and proofreading, organization, procrastination, introductions and conclusions, commas, organizing a writing group, and writing in different academic disciplines. Online resources also include short instructional videos demonstrating writing strategies. For quick questions about individual sentences, the Writing Center offers a grammar hotline at 919-962-7710. Appointments for consultations may be available on a limited basis. To view online resources and learn more, visit