Required and recommended textbooks can be purchased from Student Stores Textbook Department, located in Daniels Building. Hours while school is in session are:

Monday–Friday: 7:30 am–8 pm
Saturday: 10 am–6 pm
Sunday: 1 pm–6 pm
(extended hours during buy-back and rush periods)

Refund policy: For all 100 percent refunds, a book must be in the same condition as when bought, and you must have the original receipt and a UNC One Card. You also must meet the requirements for one of the following types of refunds:

  1. Early Refund: You must have purchased the book during the period beginning two weeks before and ending two weeks after the start of classes, and you must return the book within that period.
  2. Drop Refund: You must have a drop slip, and you must return the book no more than two days after the last drop day.
  3. 48-Hour Refund: You must have purchased the book at least four weeks before exams begin, and you must return the book within 48 hours of the time you bought it.

Deadline dates for refunds are posted in the Student Stores Textbook Department. Books bought during the last four weeks of class are nonrefundable. Coursepacks are not returnable. Please allow ten business days for checks to clear. Management may grant exceptions, so please ask if you feel an exception should be made.

Please call 919-962-5024 for more detailed information or refer to the Student Stores website.