Who Can Enroll?

Self-paced Courses are open to anyone who wants to enroll; there are no admission requirements. Courses are taught in English, and students are expected to have competency in reading and writing English. University faculty members expect you to write and speak effectively, including the use of correct spelling, grammar, and style.

You may also enroll in a course if you are a high school senior or rising senior, provided that prerequisites are met and you have a written recommendation from your guidance counselor. Registration is not allowed unless you are a rising senior or senior. You can request an exception in writing to the Distance Learning Appeals Committee, which must be made in advance of enrollment. If you are a home-schooled or charter school student, you should contact the Self-paced Courses program manager in our office for more information on the documentation you’ll need to provide.

Enrolling in a course does not constitute admission to a degree program or to the university offering the course. If you wish to apply for admission, contact the applicable admissions office for information.

If you are working toward an academic degree, you might need special approvals from your degree-granting institution to transfer credit. If you are currently enrolled in a degree program, consult with your advisor and be sure that you have obtained all necessary approvals before enrolling.

If you are a UNC-Chapel Hill student in the General College or the College of Arts and Sciences and you enroll for the first time after July 1, 2008, please read the Arts and Sciences policy regarding Distance-Learning Courses via the Friday Center for Continuing Education. If you are academically ineligible or not currently attending, you will need the signature of your academic advisor or dean giving you approval to enroll (see Advisor/Dean Approval Form).

Prerequisites are listed in some course descriptions. It is your responsibility to see that prerequisites are met. At the discretion of the instructor, prerequisites may be waived if you have relevant experience or education or if you are not seeking a degree. Contact us for information on requesting a waiver.

Combining Self-paced Courses with Classroom Studies

If you are attending classes in residence at any institution, you must obtain the signature of your academic dean on the appropriate line of the enrollment form.

If you are enrolled in Self-paced Courses and do not complete your course before you return to classroom study, you must provide the written approval of the academic dean to continue working on your course.

You can submit assignments during official school holidays and semester breaks without special permission.