Final Examinations

Most courses require that you pass a supervised final exam to receive credit for the course. You will receive details about your course exam when you enroll. If a supervised exam is required, it must be supervised at an accredited college, university, community college, or technical college by a qualified proctor. (Public libraries and testing centers also may be possible locations.) If you are serving in the military, you can have your exams supervised by an education officer on your base or ship. If you do not have access to a postsecondary institution, contact Credit Programs for Part-time Students for assistance in locating an approved site with a qualified proctor. Most sites charge a small fee.

Your course materials will include an Exam Request Form, which you can submit by mail or fax. You will be asked to sign a pledge when you take your exam certifying that you have neither given nor received aid while taking the exam. You must take the exam at the scheduled time or contact the exam supervisor if you need to reschedule the exam.

Please do not arrive to take the exam unless you have received confirmation in advance. You will need to present a picture ID (such as a driver’s license) when you take your exam.

If you live near Chapel Hill, you can schedule to take your exam at the Friday Center. Exams are supervised at the Friday Center on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1:30 for $15 fee; the fee for supervising an exam at the Friday Center for a course offered by a different school is $40. Exams taken at the Friday Center should be scheduled at least one week prior to the exam date; requests for exams to be taken elsewhere should arrive at our office at least two weeks prior to the exam date.

Visit UNC Online Academic Services to search for an exam proctor. If you encounter difficulties in locating an acceptable exam center or supervisor in your area, contact Self-paced Courses for assistance.


If you take a course that requires a proctored exam, please know that you may be charged a fee by the site where you arrange to take the exam. Proctored exams are one method UNC uses to verify that the students receiving credit for a course are those who actually took the course.