Note:  Refer to the UNC Student Stores for current book prices and to place your order.

We strongly recommend that you obtain books at the time you enroll to ensure you’re getting the correct editions. The required textbooks for each Self-paced course are listed with the course description. When courses are revised and updated, new editions or new texts may be required, so be sure to purchase the textbooks listed in the course description at the time of your enrollment.

If you order books from UNC Student Stores and they are unable to supply the books, we will issue a full tuition refund, provided you indicate to us within one month of the enrollment date that you wish to withdraw from the course.

Used books may be available for some courses. If you wish to purchase used books, indicate this on your book order form. Send money to cover the price of new books; if used books are available, UNC Student Stores will issue you a refund to cover the price difference.

In some cases, UNC Student Stores may be unable to stock one or more of the books required for a course, but the course remains open to students who are able to obtain books from other sources. The course description will indicate if books are not available and provide the ISBN for these books so that you can obtain the correct edition before enrolling. If you enroll but are unable to obtain the correct book, we will issue you a full tuition refund if you notify us within one month of your enrollment date.

Note: Please do not send book orders or book payments to Credit Programs for Part-time Students.

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