Types of Credit

Degree Credit

Most courses are offered for credit at the undergraduate college level. You can use credit earned in these courses toward a degree if the course is applicable to the requirements of your particular program (contact your advisor). A permanent record of the grade in any credit-based course will be made at the records office of the institution offering the course.

Non-degree credit

Postbaccalaureate students, or students who have a bachelor’s degree or higher, may take UNC-CH self-paced courses but will not be awarded credit hours on a transcript for courses numbered below 400, according to University policy.


You can register for any course on a not-for-credit basis and receive the same instruction as those studying for credit. You must meet any course prerequisites. No permanent record of your grade will be made.


We offer three noncredit courses:

See Professional Development and Enrichment Programs for more noncredit courses.

Credit-Only Option (NCSU Courses Only)

If you do not want to earn a letter grade for an NCSU course, you can enroll on a “credit-only” basis. Indicate this option on your enrollment form. Once you begin your course, you can not change to a regular grading system.

High School Credit

If you are a high school student taking a self-paced course, it is the responsibility of your high school to determine whether credit can be granted toward high school graduation.