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Make sure you stay on top of your studies with our calendars, below. Calendars and time limits vary by course format. Click the tabs below to learn more.

Semester-based Courses
Self-paced Courses

Semester-based courses follow the UNC-Chapel Hill academic calendar. Semester-based courses are offered in the following terms:

  • Fall
  • Spring
  • 1st summer
  • 2nd summer
  • Extended summer*

*Some summer courses are offered on a 10-week schedule over the full length of the summer break. These courses follow a special calendar.

See UNC-Chapel Hill Academic Calendars for semester information including first and last day of class and holidays, as well as registration, add/drop, and example schedules.

You are expected to begin work on the first day of class and work continually and regularly throughout the term. You should be prepared to complete assignments and/or participate in discussion forums on a regular basis.

Self-paced Courses are available for registration at any time. You will work independently at your own pace. See time limits and restrictions below for more detail.

Minimum Time to Complete a Self-paced Course

If you are facing a completion deadline, discuss your plans with our office personnel. Some factors beyond your control can delay time to completion. Completion time is calculated beginning on the date your first assignment is received.

  • 1 credit hour: 6 weeks
  • 2 credit hours: 9 weeks
  • 3 credit hours: 12 weeks
  • 4 credit hours: 16 weeks
  • Noncredit course: 12 weeks

Assignments should be submitted one at a time so you can review instructor comments before submitting additional work. Friday Center staff will advise you on submission limits.

Maximum Time to Complete a Self-paced Course

Courses expire nine months after the enrollment date. You will receive a notice prior to the expiration of your course, and you may extend your enrollment if you wish.

Final Exam

After you submit all of your assignments, most Self-paced Courses require you to pass an in-person final exam. Find out more about scheduling your exam. Credits are automatically filed in the records office of the campus from which credit is to be granted. Your final course grade will be posted to your transcript three to four weeks after your final exam date.

Extending Your Enrollment Period

First renewal:

  • You can extend your enrollment period for four months by completing a renewal form and paying a $30 fee.
  • The renewal period begins immediately upon conclusion of the original nine-month enrollment period.

Second Renewal:

A second renewal period of four months will be granted for a fee of $75 only if the following conditions are met:

  • Your ability to complete the course has been seriously impacted by circumstances relating to employment, health, family responsibilities, or comparable personal factors or significant involvement in other forms of learning.
  • You could not have fully anticipated these circumstances at the time you enrolled in the course.
  • You are able, despite the circumstances, to demonstrate a reasonable degree of progress in the course within the original enrollment period and/or the first renewal.